What do you think about idle games?

josehzz #338 0 78

Do you guys like them? if yes why?

Personally I play them for a day or two unless it has a clear ending.

And also how do you find them? this is the question I wonder the most because when I see the new games list on Kongregate and I'm amazed on how many plays all new Idle game gets compared with everything else.

5 years ago

Astra Cat #543 0 16

I have to tell you the truth, I'm a very stuck up person when it comes to games. I've never really been an avid gamer as an adult, I only was in my young teen years and before that when I was a huge jrpg and final fantasy fan. 

If you're studying the market, from what I understand, everything is based on trends and you have to follow those trends. My thought on people making and selling these products is that you have to know beyond a doubt that to a stranger what you have will be good. It has to be really really good, but then the challenge is to actually be a finisher as Tim has said in his vids.

SlowYourRo #572 0 30

This is an interesting topic, as of right now i don't really like them as much i use to. When i was younger I play one called Tap Titan or Tap Hero  i think it was called. Any who, what I did like about the game was how powerful you get without putting in much effort (i mean besides time.)i think they call them coffee games  games that don't need a lot of attention ro play them just tap and boom you get stronger (after you do the objective).

Didn't Tim say in one of his videos, that the world is a big place, chances are if you like a certain thing there might be other people who like it too?  

MisterTtocS #583 0 175

Yes, I love idle games.  They're awesome.  However, I will only play them if they have a definite ending or if there are a lot of achievements to unlock.  I hate the idles games that allow you to  start over to get a certain currency and you just keep playing.  It's an infinite game?!  That's boring!  I want to achieve something and feel like I accomplished something.

Also, as for find them, I just search them on Google or go to AlmostIdle.

Dormouse #661 0 32

Every so often I'll dive into an idle game, especially if it's on mobile. If it's at least mildly entertaining, and gives me something to do rather than check a phone with no notifications, then why not?

Bakel #642 0 88

Im currently working on some kind of "idle game".

I think the most mobiles games could get called idle game, you do something, then can put the smartphone away and comeback at any time and do something, if you break it down to the basics nearly every mobile game is designed this way

Bakel ~ GameDev of "DopeBaron"

Bakel #642 0 88

Bakel #642 0 88

Bakel #642 0 88

Vorgar #694 0 18

I`ve tried some, some are nice some are just boring as there is no objective other than to see the numbers move faster and then do it all again.

Idle Minner for iOS is quite nice and it has a map with different mines but at the end of the day they are all the same, just different art.

I think they should add some kind of end or final goal but then you would not keep playing it for eternity...

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