What do you think about the future of mobile game indie ?

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I want to open a discussion with you guys about the future of mobile game indie and hear your thoughts and opinions =D !!

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If it's for a hobby, go for it. It's almost impossible to make any money, the race to the bottom guaranteed that and now it's dominated by the top 1% of 1% of companies.

You're better off on Steam, Game Jolt, or Itch.io

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I released my first mobile game a week ago and it was a great experience, but i will never get the 200 hours paid.

If you want to make a living, mobile is not the way to do it. But it's really cool since your game can reach so many ppl around the globe eventually :)

I mean.. come on, my app has 36 downloads in india, pakistan, sri lanka, brasil, this is the coolest thing ever!

And i hope it will bring fun to those ppl and inspire them to build great games themselfes ^_^

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It's the most challenging platform that you can come across as a game developer, not just due to the massive competition but also due to a range of technical limitations and considerations that you will have to keep in mind while developing your game. 

But coming to your actual question, the future of mobile gaming is bright and it will always have it's place, as a casual gaming medium, unless you are Gameloft or Tell Tale Games you cannot hope to release a narrative driven game on mobile platform with the hopes that it would earn you big money. Moreover building 3D story driven games for mobile platform is a headache from a technical POV (especially for indies) 

If you are developing a game that's casual and/or competitive in nature then there's lot of potential, but keep in mind that without proper Marketing PR strategy and execution your game will stand no chance unless it has some really unique and "first time ever" feature with the potential of going viral. 

It is possible to make decent amount of money from mobile games but only if you do three things (apart from making a great game, of course), 

1) Monetization Design - Most indie and first developers make the mistake of designing the monetization features pretty late into the development, most of them won't even have monetization design except for few ad integrations with really bad choice of ad placement. For your monetization feature to be successful it has to go hand in hand with the game, it has to be seamless and for that to happen you need to start designing your monetization features right from the beginning. 

Secondly there's a proper way to integrate ads, it's not to bombard the app with ads and offer a "remove ad" option, this method will always back fire. You need to find the right balance, check how Subway Surfers and Color Switch handles ads for example. 

2) Promotions - As I said earlier Marketing PR is almost as important as your game. Follow the advice/suggestions given by Tim (founder of this site), Indie Game Girl and Soomla, because at the end of the day money comes only if you have a considerable amount of downloads and active users and that's achieved by proper marketing and clever design. 

3) Retention - Mobile games are short lived, people will tend to uninstall games after a while and 90-95% of them won't return after 3 months (if your game happens to survive till then) so design your retention strategies right from the very beginning and integrate them seamlessly into the game. Think of it like movies, a movie upon release will only have few weeks of business after which it would flat line completely, 70% of movie's earning is made within the first 2 or 3 weeks. 

In a similar way you need to plan your release and structure your promotional campaign in such a way that you can maximize earnings  in the game's early months, because as we all know active users will drop drastically over time and your's games earning potential will fall as the days pass.  but with proper retention strategies and a great game you ca manage to retain 20-30% users and trust me that's a lot. 

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Thanks guys =D !! If mobile is that hard what other platforms do you suggest for casual games ? 

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