What types of games can a solo developer be able to successfully do ?

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Hello, folks!

I want to hear from other people what they think about this question.

Well, my goal is to open an indie studio in the future and now I'm learning all game developement stuff and making games to train. I think, when I open my studio, I will be a solo developer at first, because it has various benefits from different perspectives, like the financial one.

The fact is that I have lots of ideas for games.Some can be easily done, others are similar to AAA games. What I'm asking is which of them could I actually be able to successfully do , when I will open my studio, considering the fact that I'm starting from zero? What things do I have to exclude?

What types of games can a solo developer be able to successfully do ?

Indeed I would like to create simple action games, because I like them a lot, but sometimes I ask myself if I actually will be able to do such games.

What do you think? I think some of you make games for living, what's your experience? Consider that I'm not going to open my studio  soon, maybe in a few years.

Please think about the question as for everyone, my story is an example, answer like it's for a generic solo developer, that's starting from zero.

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Everyone has their dream game they want to make. A lot of people, myself included, start work on their dream game before they are ready only to fail disastrously and become discouraged. Put the AAA ideas to one side for now. The way I look at it is that dream games have to be worked up to through lots of smaller projects. It has to be earned.  What you are doing now is perfect, each game should be just a little larger than the last, post them up online, get feedback. I would strongly encourage you to take part in game jams as well.  In regards to opening a studio don't worry about it for now, heck I can't get people to play my games for free let alone pay for them XD. Wait until your games start seeing some popularity, then you will know that it can potentially work as a business. That being said don't stress too much about the number of downloads, just focus on  improving. You're on the right track, keep doing what you're doing. Good luck :)

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Set a goal of making the game playable asap. 

Pick a gameengine, and there are many to choice. If you want to learn c# and make 3dgames, pick unity. 
wanna start out with 2dgames? you can pick unity, but if you want it really simple you could pickup construct2/3, gamemaker, clickteams multimediafusion/gamefactory(they are what I started with and are the simpliest).

I would suggest to make a arknoid-clone in gamefactory, u could do it under a lunchbreak. 

If you going for unity, search up a good newbie-tutorial, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j48LtUkZRjU&list=PLPV2KyIb3jR5QFsefuO2RlAgWEz6EvVi6

I would just skip a gamestudio, just release freewares under your own name to begin with. 
I dont have a gamestudio, and I gonna setup a simple wordpress-site as my gameportfolio today.

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Hey, SmallFast!

Planning to open your own gamestudio sounds like an awesome idea, but try not to be hasty here. So, you have lots of ideas and you dont know what to start from? Make a list!

Make a list of games. Then, one by one, pick up an idea from that list. Think how would you go with that idea. Think ahead, what kind of game it's going to be?

 Then, when you've narrowed your list to the ideas you like the most and have planned thoroughly. -> Pick up an engine. I mean, search for the engine(s) that fit your ideas most. But since you only start doing a game development, try to pick the engine you'll -understand- better and -easier-.  Once that done, kick it off. Start development! With a game or/and two released eventually, you will be able to get some revenue and thus gain finances for your future gamedev studio. 

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