Where can I get free 3D models?

Hephaestus #1193 0 23

Yo, I'm pretty good at programming. But I am not that good 3D models. Where can I get some free ones to prototype my game with, and where can I animate them? Easily, I'm not going to spend 3 weeks learning the animating software.

I've heard of Mixamo.com for some free rigging and animating, but for custom animating (Dodges, Rolls, Special Attacks, etc) I don't really know.

Hephaestus #1193 0 23

Thank you very much!

Kanugane #1072 0 87

The game development is a long and difficult process. If you want to make a real game, you WILL learn all the required software to make the game stand out and be awesome. That's the con of being a solo developer. For example, I'm solo-devving too and I yet draw myself all the graphics, animations and stuff. And I'm not even speaking about music composing or special effects creation. :) 

3 weeks to learn the animating software? That's completely alright. The game development will naturally take much longer time. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years...

After all, you will gain valuable skills such as modeling and animating the models. It will come in quite useful for you in the future for future games or maybe creating animation cutscenes, videos, etc? 

Regardless, my point is: try to learn and do things by yourself. You won't have any licenses/copyrights issues and you still will learn awesome things. 

Cinema4D, Autodesk Maya and other similar software are good for animating/model creations. Good luck!

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