Where to get good sound effects and music for my game?

Qt_01 #396 0 173

Hello ! Do you have any idea where can I find non copyrighted sound effects and music for my game ? Thanks : )


Make them! Get a recording/editing program like Audacity (which is free) and a mic. For my game, I've done nearly all the sounds effects, minus a couple I found that are public domain. As for music, that's a little more complicated. I found a couple sites just googling for royalty free music. I also paid a musician I found on Youtube ~$50 for a 60 loopable theme song for my game. 

Clockwork Hippo #855 0 145

Click on the resources tab above  and go to the link library. That should more than get you started for any asset requirements :)

Edward #831 0 35

Check out procedural music - such as https://pernyblom.github.io/abundant-music/index.html

J.Bader #920 0 37

you can convert youtube to mp3. anything shorter than 3 seconds can not be protected

or freesound.org I used a lot.

DanMasoomi #924 0 23

hey! I usually use www.pond5.com 

but the website seem to be very buggy last time I used it

Mike #937 0 33

Inompetech (Posted above) is my go to place for music.

LookAtMrLee #958 0 23

you can always try searching for free royalty free tracks and loops :)

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