Which Unity 2D tutorial would you recommend?

Konke #1142 0 18

Hello! I've got this game idea that I'd like to get started with, but as I'm watching different youtube vids about game development, the more I realize my first game should be more of a test-learn-game. Right. But what I can't decide for myself is which tutorial to choose.

ihgyug #1138 0 126

There are several tutorials made from Brackeys (youtube) that are really simple and helpful. Pick a 2D one and finish it. I would also look at the c# basics tutorial. That's golden to start with.

Your first game may be a test-learn game or a serious one, just keep it simple.

Sincerely, I just started with a "serious" game (for serious I mean a game that get published), and needless to say, I constantly re-worked scripts the more experience I got. 

Have fun!

zederis #1161 0 43

I started with Learn to Code by Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer in udemy.com

it is not only 2d but it really got me going. And you don't need anything else, just follow the course. 

for the first project please don't do anything too complex, you can add complexity and features later. Tim Ruswick has some great videos on this subject, browse his youtube channel. And he is spot on. Now regret i started too big. My project is not very complex, but it takes so much time and for a starter you shouldn't start something that would take you a year. I would say a month is long enough. If its too long you will face too much dark work with little reward for long periods. It will not be fun, you will try to do tasks quickly and it will affect code quality and create a mess in which you yourself will struggle to find what is what. Love yourself and don't do too big. The simplest game can be very fun. And it is so much easier to make a simple game fun. 

You said you already have an idea. If you think it is hard to do, simplify it, strip it down, trim it. You wanna have fun not a struggle. As you learn you will realize things you don't have a clue about now and these things will enable you to take on more complex projects.

Milan #1189 0 56

I started with this one https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/2d-game-creation/project-goals?playlist=17093

For me it was fast way to get in unity 2D development, and it is small project that you can build on top off. If you have patience you can draw your own sprites. There is small amount of sprites to draw, so it's perfect. And i recommend you to try adding couple obstacles yourself for practice.

Good luck with learning and have fun! 

P.S. Sorry for bad English :D

Qt_01 #396 0 173

You should do more than one tutorial, try the ones that are on unity3d.com those are very good :)

richard.daskas #1174 0 102

It probably depends exactly what type of game you had in mind, but I really like GamePlusJames on Youtube. He has an Endless Runner, Platformer, and RPG tutorial series. I like his tutorials because they're really in depth and you learn a lot of useful things that can be used in different situations. 

@ihgyug - yes, Brackeys is another great one!

Konke #1142 0 18

Excellent tips! Thank you so much, and I'll make sure to check them all out to see which one would suit my needs most. And sorry for the late reply, I'm not sure how to turn email notification on. 

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