Would you play a 3D low poly prison escape game??

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We are taking a pole on a few websites, and We're wondering what you all think of a 3D prison break style game with somewhat low poly graphics.

This post is not meant to market or advertise or sell an idea at all. We just want honest feedback on whether this sounds interesting to anyone else.

Here are some mechanics of the game:

-Breaking out of a prison

-Skills/classes that come with what crime you're doing time for

-Guard AI and stealth mechanics

-Once out of the prison, the player can earn money, join a gang, rob banks etc

-Vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, helicopters

-Weapons: Pistols, shotguns, rifles, knives etc

The goal of the player is to at first to break out of the prison. This would be a somewhat difficult endeavor but not impossible. Using stealth and deception the player can tunnel out, steal key cards, scale fences etc.

Once out of the prison the player would be subject to police pursuits and all the normal things that happens when you live a life of crime.

Just wanna hear any comments or suggestions. The game can go in a lot of directions as of now and we would like input on whether this would be a game anyone would play.
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Augusto #984 0 54

My answer is maybe.

I think you will get bit bias from the result of your poll. i mean it more likely to have 1:1 yes and no. What if i change the question, would you (dev) play that game? if it yes do it, then. How can expect people to play your game you won't even play it?

You and your team must be loves playing game and love making it so you guys decide to make games. Don't wait for people tell you what you should do. Do what you love to do, believe me it worth the effort.

And more thing, its easy to lose yourself on crazy idea. i saw your profile and you mention "small team of highschoolers". Which mean there still a lot of thing to learn to make this game. I tell you, there's 3 major thing on software development (game dev included) you should remember:

  1. Things you do know
  2. Things you know, you do not know
  3. Things you do not know, you do not know.

the third one is scary, it can be jumpscare of WTF. so limit your scope. i see a lot of features you mention above, are you sure you can deliver? if yes GOOD. if not once again limit your scope of project. focus on one mechanic that the game fun, like the stealth mechanic (just one mechanic: stealth mechanic) how to make that stealth more INTENSE. like limit visibility, the sound of guard patrol footstep (sound is powerful weapon for intensity, go watch Dunkirk).

have you read MDA journal paper (MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research)? its great reading material for game design.

Well, enough for me ranting around. I wish you all the best.

AMastryukov #383 0 48

From your post, it seems like the scope of your game is quite large. I was interested in the idea until you mentioned gameplay outside of the prison - in your outline, the player is able to earn money, join gangs and rob banks, so what is the end goal? I would consider sticking to gameplay strictly inside the prison with the goal of escape.

Gullberger #1070 0 108

Peoples who commented have several points. 

If you guys manage to do such a game I would play it. 

But if I would do such a game I would start off with only escape the prison as a endgoal with only stealh (thief-style). And it will be a heavy project with "only" that. The thief-devs had big problems to make the stealth-mechanic to work, and a prisonescape-game without stealth would probably be like a 90's FPS like duke3d and quake.

Sartoris #1039 0 92

I'm interested, but like others have stated, it sounds very ambitious. Maybe start very small - first make a game about escaping from a prison cell, with a variety of creative ways to do it, and leave out the rest of the prison, and especially the world outside the prison. 

Fl!ght #494 0 33

yes I will play it but i think its maybe to ambitious , you should start by making a prototype with the basics mechanics to test the idea .

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